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DSLR – Getting blur free images!

Getting Started

Now that we have the basic DSLR functions and gear out-of-the-way, let’s continue exploring how to get blur free images. I say “blur free” more often than “sharp” since it is possible that a sharp image is not what is desired in certain cases. Although, there are “blur” effects as well, but, we will not get into that for now.

This is how I turn around in mid air!

Blur free image

Keep in mind that we are talking only about the creative modes on a DSLR, i.e., the PASM modes. In the PAS modes, you help the camera arrive at a better decision for taking an image of a given scene. In the M mode, you tell the camera what to do rather than help it to reach a decision.

As already indicated in previous posts, always watch the shutter speed. The other points to watch out for are how you actually press the shutter, the focus point and the overall exposure of the scene. Let us consider all of these in some more detail.

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Getting started with photography


Gazania Rigens

Sharp Image

While most lessons/tutorials on learning photography start with an understanding of exposure, my personal experience says that you start with trying to get stable, blur free images first. This goes hand-in-hand with the study of exposure and makes it simpler and faster to grasp in practical terms. As a bonus, the images start becoming better from day one rather than later.

Do take the time to look at the links here referring to articles on Wikipedia for more technically correct details as I will be mostly skipping details in the initial articles here. There is no need to understand all the math and details, but, a read through on Wiki would be quite helpful.

Before we can get to the basic practice of getting sharp, blur free images, it would help if we can understand the meaning of some of the very basic terms used in photography as related to a DSLR. Most of the current P&S cameras will also have these semi-automatic modes and some of this discussion is also applicable to them. Read the rest of this entry »

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