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Still want to go DSLR? Here are some things to keep in mind…

Having listed out the pros and cons of a P&S (Point & Shoot) vs a DSLR in the earlier post, if you still want to go for a DSLR, here are some points to consider while purchasing a DSLR. I will be using some basic terminology here which can be looked up on the net for now and we will discuss most of these in some more detail later. Since I am primarily from an IT background, I find a lot of parallels and will try to illustrate those as we go along.

I use OS X on an iMac and a Macbook Pro for all my current work and most of the comments I have about software would be on the OS X platform and not on Windows.

Double your Budget

Sample Macro shot. 1:1.

Let’s talk about the cost first. Almost all DSLRs come with one standard kit lens. This is generally a 18-55mm and you will soon outgrow it. You will need more reach and will probably need to purchase a better “zoom” lens like a standard 55-200mm/55-300mm/70-200mm/70-300mm. For extreme close-up shots, often called macro, you would land up purchasing a true macro lens. For most indoor or low light photography, you might feel the need for a faster, prime lens (faster means a larger aperture, “prime” means fixed focal length). If you are interested in low-light, night and/or landscape photography, you might land up purchasing a decent tripod and/or a monopod. As you progress, the cost of the gear will continue to grow.

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