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Flickr – Hero of the week!

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Purchasing a new camera? 9 points to consider…

With the festival of Holi right around the corner, there might be some people looking to buy a new camera. Even without the “season” or “reason”, sometimes, we get a new one anyway…

There is always the hope that a more modern camera might deliver better results. Quite a few of us buy an expensive DSLR hoping that this would increase the quality of the photographs. After all, a DSLR is way more expensive than a Point & Shoot and has to be better.

Well, the answer is a “yes” and “no”. The only point that is completely correct is that a DSLR is expensive and will continue to add to the expense to get anywhere close to the range of even a mid-range P&S camera.

A better understanding of the use, pros and cons of both will go a long way in making a better informed purchase decision. This is what we will look at first.

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