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Birding & Wildlife Photography

Stay at home...

In this challenging time for all of us, I have made some videos to share my experience of post processing and photography for birding, wildlife and macros. I hope some find it useful.

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Free storage & sharing for your photos

Storage and Sharing

Now that we have started taking photos, where do we store and share with others from?

The answer to this one has multiple choices. For a somewhat comprehensive list, check out this list on Wikipedia. I will only talk about 3 sites that are geared towards regular photography and not just mobile photography.

Flickr, a Yahoo company now, is probably the best known and currently offers 1 terabyte of free storage space for all. You can upload your processed photos (JPG) as well as short, 30 second videos. Flickr allows you to create “albums” or “sets” of your photos and then put them into a “collection”, if needed. Flickr also has a huge number of active “groups” where you can post photos from your account and share them in those “groups”. You can create your own group, private or public, if needed. Groups also facilitate discussions between group members.

A recent addition to Flickr is the ability to zoom into images to view more detail. For me, this really sets it apart from the others where you cannot see any detail beyond the one that is visible by default.

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